About us

The Telford and District Voluntary Group of the British Diabetic Association now Diabetes Uk was formed in 1979 as a sub-branch of the Shrewsbury and District Branch.    In 1980 we became a full branch in our own right.    Over the last twenty six years we have held meetings, raised money and generally tried  to bring the awareness of diabetes to a great many people in the area.

We meet monthly on the first Wednesday, (except January and August) at Belmont Hall in Wellington, when we normally have a speaker relating to an aspect of diabetes, over the years we have had consultants in diabetes, chiropodists, opticians, general practitioners, diabetes specialist nurses and we have also had people talking about alternative types of medicine.

We try and raise money to send newly diagnosed children on holiday camps run by Diabetes UK so that they can learn more about their condition with other children who are in the same boat.    We also try to raise money so that we can send money for research purposes and over the years we have sent several thousands of pounds (this past year we have sent three thousand pounds)..  

One of our main sponsorships 2002, was that one of our Committee members, Mr Sid Watkins of Elm Park Wellington, decided that on his 65th birthday he would swim 65 lengths of Wellington baths, Sid raise nearly Seven thousand pounds (£7.000.00).   After giving donations to Multiple Sclerosis branches in Shrewsbury and Telford, and also the Telford Tickers, the majority of the money came to Diabetes UK.    We then brought a digital camera and printer for use by the chiropodist at the Diabetic Clinic.